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Whistleblower Protection

Prominent cases of whistleblowers, such as the ones of Antoine Deltour (LuxLeaks) and Edward Snowden, demonstrate how brave people uncover wrongdoing and act in the public interest.



%of all global fraud cases

were detected by whistleblowers.


Many investigations into criminal actives would not have been made possible, if whistleblowers did not disclose information about the underlying misconduct.


Corruption costs the European Union up to


per year.

If whistleblowers could help to uncover only 15% of this amount, we could already double the annual EU budget of €155,000,000,000.


A study on behalf of the European Commission estimated the potential benefits of effective whistleblower protection for public procurement to be




This is equal to the construction costs of about 8 train stations comparable to Berlin central station.


On the contrary, the costs of setting up an effective whistleblower protection system are practically insignificant. In the Netherlands, each € spent on a protection system gains


Currently, the legal framework regarding whistleblower protection in Europe is small and scattered. Only few countries have an advanced legislation, most have insufficient or no legislation at all. In many countries, whistleblowers run a high risk of personal consequences when speaking up. This can be, for instance:


    • Retaliation at the work place, losing the job

    • Micro-aggressions by co-workers

    • Potential prison sentence

    • Potential expenses in regard to lawyers, changing workplace or having to move

    • Bad reputation and end of the career

    • Marginalization in the society

    • Financial problems or ruin

    • Mental health problems

    • Consequences for whistleblower’s family and private environment

It is not possible to predict what will happen after the act of blowing the whistle. However, an effective whistleblower protection would give the potential whistleblower some certainty up front. This can function as an incentive for a person to report wrongdoing. Protection can keep the whistleblower safe.


Eurocadres has initiated a petition that is supported by a vast number of European NGO’s, labor unions and media organizations. Join the call for a EU-wide horizontal Whistleblower protection.

Sign the petition!

Personal Stories

Each whistleblower case is not only a story about a misconduct and its perpetrator(s). It is also a personal story about the whistleblower, who is often forced to step out of anonymity. Read more about European whistleblowers and their difficult stories here.

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