Our campaign was born of the European Anti-Corruption Youth Conference on Whistleblowing Protection (EACYC2017) that took place from May 27th-29th, 2017 in Tübingen, Germany. The campaign’s main objectives are to create awareness for whistleblower rights in Europe and to lobby the EU-institutions to introduce effective legislation to overcome the prevalent insufficiencies in whistleblower protection.

Our team is composed of young Europeans and the European youth is also our main target group. It is our deepest belief that providing young Europeans, and the general public, with understanding of whistleblowing will ensure the implementation of coherent EU-legislation on whistleblowing protection. Additionally, we provide them with tools to demand progressive and effective whistleblower protection from their own governments and the EU.

This campaign is co-organized by Anti-Corruption International, which supports the campaigning team with technical infrastructure and experience.

Moreover, we are collaborating with a number of organization active in the protection of whistleblower protection, reaching from media organizations, to anti-corruption organizations and trade unions. We also actively support the petition initiated by Eurocadres calling on the EU-institutions to create an EU-wide horizontal whistleblower protection.