Updates from Brussels

Timeline of whistleblower protection in the EU


April 23rd 2018: Draft directive

The European Commission proposes their version of an EU-law protecting Whistleblowers. It will set minimum standards for all EU countries.


March 17th 2018: Cambridge Analytica expose

The guardian and the New York Times reveal how data from over 50 million Facebook profiles were given to Cambridge Analytica, after whistleblower Christopher Wylie, revealed the practices to both newspapers.



December 1st 2017: Whistleblower Protection in Lithuania

Lithuania’s parliament passes a Whistleblower Law which will be effective as of January 1, 2019


October 24th 2017: JURI Committee report

JURI Committee Report voted through by European Parliament.The report by French MEP Virginie Rozière covers measures to protect whistleblowers acting in the public interest and urges the European Commission to take action.


Oct 23rd 2017: Whistleblower directive

MEPs voted in favour of a report calling on EU-wide whistleblower protection demanding the commission to act.

Oct 16 2017: Panama Papers

Daphne Caruana Galizia, the journalist leading the Panama Papers investigations in Malta is murdered; European Parliament calls for full inquiry.

May 2017: Public consultation

Commission launches a public consultation on whistleblower protection to collect opinions on the issue from stakeholders & citizens; Response is overwhelming.

Feb 14 2017:

“Own initiative report on the role of whistleblowers in the protection of EUs financial interests” (Budgetary control, rapporteur Dennis de Jong) is adopted.

July 2016: Whistleblower Directive

Failure of Parliament initiative on whistleblower protection to go ahead.


July 2016: LuxLeaks

Appeal against LuxLeaks sentences
. 108 MEPs sign an open letter saluting courage & expressing support & solidarity + commitment to change the situation for whistleblowers.

June 2016: LuxLeaks

LuxLeaks convictions (Luxembourg Court): 
Antoine Deltour gets 12 months in jail, Raphael Halet 9 months

High media coverage & high public interest: sympathy for the whistleblowers
Pressure on EU institutions & Member States for a better legal system.

May 2016: Whistleblower directive

Greens/EFA sends an example on what a whistleblower directive could look like to the Commission – to help them work a bit faster on this issue

May 2016: Trade Secrets Directive

Trade Secrets Directive adopted to better protect trade secrets – not exactly what we needed

Controversial in EParliament because of implications for whistleblowers

April 2016: Panama Papers

Panama Papers are released by press.
 Disclosures about tax havens made by anonymous whistleblower

European Parliament sets up the PANA committee for inquiry.


Oct 2015: Snowden Leaks

European Parliament votes to protect Snowden & thinks he should be granted EU asylum.

June 2015: LuxLeaks

The European Parliament awards Antoine Deltour (main LuxLeaks source) European Citizen Prize.

November 2014: LuxLeaks

Reveals tax evasion practices by big 4 consulting firms.

European Parliament: Juncker appears in Parliament for extraordinary debate on fight against tax avoidance, LuxLeaks inspires initiatives for greater tax harmonisation in Europe.  http://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/press-room/20141112IPR78502/meps-call-for-tax-harmonisation-and-transparency-in-lux-leaks-debate

June 2013: Snowden leaks

European Parliament is furious & shocked about the allegations.